Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smallville ends

Let me state up front that I quit Smallville after about season 4. After teasing that we were finally going to let Lana in on the secret after it became flat-out ridiculous that she didn't know already, they undid it and killed Jonathan Kent instead. I had no desire to keep playing the game from that point on.

I hear the show got better, and worse... and better again. Maybe they ran this cycle a couple of more times, it's hard to keep track. I had heard the last season was finishing strong, and I like what I've seen of Erica Durance... I think she might keep it watchable even through the bad times. So I was tempted to jump back in the pool this summer and see it through... but the reactions to the finale don't help my motivation when there are so many things I want to see. I think this quote seems to sum up best the reactions I'm seeing, courtesy of a gentleman named Bat-Fan Beyond in the toonzone forums:

"The last two hours of Smallville represents, to me, exactly how the series as a whole was all through the course of its entire ten season existence: A considerable amount of great moments sprinkled here and there throughout tons and tons of crap from beginning to end."
Yeah, I think I'll keep Smallville on the backburner for now. Probably until they make it super-easy for me by throwing the whole series on Netflix streaming.

I heard they killed Jimmy Olsen in the course of the show, but then went back and said it wasn't THE Jimmy Olsen, that THE Jimmy was actually inspired to follow in his older brothers footsteps. My first reaction was "What a ridiculous copout." But actually, that's a brilliant idea. If I were writing the show, I'd kill Jimmy Olsen every week, with another "Cousin Jimmy" replacing him the next week.


  1. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  2. Too much crap to watch all the season. And killing Jimmy Olsen, but then his brother actually being the Jimmy Olsen everyone knows...? That sounds really dumb. Why not just kill Clark Kent, then say that a different Superman was the real one?

  3. @Charles... it did occur to me that it would've been nice to kill Lana and bring in another one. :D

  4. Watched all the way up to season 9, planning on watching season 10 anytime soon. The story is full of mistakes but entertaining nonetheless.

    For example, Clark can't handle green meteorrock/Kryptonite, but it also explained it doesn't heard him when the kryptonite is covered by lead, so why the fuck doesn't Clark use some lead suit? He is strong enough to wear it and his clothes never seem to be destroyed after surviving a blast or bullet, so the lead suit shouldn't either.

    And another thing that really bothered me, SPOILER INCOMING.

    When they were fighting the kandorians that had all their powers, ( and are therefore weakened by kryptonite ) they should have send Lana in with her kryptonite absorbed body thing, they would be no match for her.

    And talking about Lana, that is the most retarded character I have ever seen in a tv serie, her feelings towards Clark change literally EVERY episode, oh noes I am protecting you, oh noes Clark you should have told me, I noes Clark I can wait until you are ready to share you secret, oh noes Clark I can't have this relationship when you are hiding something.

    In short, enjoyable show with a lot of error/irritation parts.

  5. Smallville was strange even though i liked it, i only watched a few episode though

  6. So... Jimmy Olsen is pretty much Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat? That's a very lazy story development that's really only acceptable in a videogame that isn't story driven.

  7. I was never able to get into Smallville. I've got nearly all the series' sitting here on DVD and yet I've only watched one or two episodes of the first season.

  8. i stopped watching it a while ago though it had ended already

  9. Awesome post man! Keep up the great blogging!