Monday, October 17, 2011

This week in DC Comics

From Suicide Squad #2

At this point, these are the books of last week since the new books come out every Tuesday, but better late than never! Book of the week:

Demon Knights #2

This book is just head-and-shoulders above anything else out this week. I love it. The crazy barbarian biting into dragons stole the book. This book is a mixture of humor and awesomeness.

Batgirl #2
The Good Reads
Suicide Squad #2 - The Squad is dealing with a zombie virus that has broken out at a football game, allowing the diverse set of personalities to finally interact. Harley alternates between being a scene stealer and being just too far over the top.

Batgirl #2 - I feel mixed on this because the villain carried the issue, and Barbara Gordon just seems to have stepped backwards as a character. But I'm sure Gail Simone will keep this book going strong.

Batman and Robin #2 - More of a Bruce/Damian story than a Batman/Robin story this month, very light on action. Fortunately, Damian's a compelling character.

Resurrection Man #2 - This one was paced a little slow, but I kind of liked that I had to read to the end to find out what his current power was. I was disappointed that another character in this book wasn't in play at the end, but maybe he'll be a recurring character.

Grifter #2
Not impressing me...
Superboy #2 - Lab rat Superboy made for an interesting issue #1, but Superboy's first mission with Rose Wilson falls flat.

Green Arrow #2 - This book is actually one from last week that I forgot to read. I'm just not liking the characters, but the villains posting everything on youtube is a nice modern take.

Green Lantern #2 - Sinestro gives Hal a ring that he has complete control over, and spends the story putting him in his place. This just felt like a waste of an issue, taking up space until the action starts again next month. And it's still some of the ugliest drawings of Hal Jordan I've ever seen.

The Grifter #2 - As our Hitman continues to hear voices, this is the book that I want to quit but just can't bring myself to because I feel like it's going to get good as soon as I do.

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #2 - It was an interesting idea; but it just did not click for me on any level.

Mr. Terrific #2 - This book is a huge disappointment for me. Because I'm such a big fan of this character, I'm quitting this book before they ruin him for me, and I'll watch for a new writer to take over.


  1. I was getting worried that you were not human to read so many and post the same week. Glad you're not a machine.

  2. There's a new etrigan book? BRB READAN

  3. I pretty much agree with you on everything except Green Lantern. Sure, Mahnke's art is the WORST, but I thought this issue was much better than #1 - because we finally see why Sinestro was the greatest GL there ever was.