Sunday, October 9, 2011

This week in DC Comics...

from Animal Man #2

I'm going to do a weekly round quick-hit of reviews now that I'm reading comics regularly again. Let's start with book of the week:
Action Comics #2

Just as great as last week, with Superman captured by the military (advised by Lex Luthor) who tests his physical limits. It's a shame that this is "five years ago" Superman, I'd rather this be the character running around the DC Universe.

Batwing #2
Other great reads of the week
Swamp Thing #2 - Holland still doesn't want to be Swamp Thing anymore, and the previous Swamp Thing comes to visit. The old Swampy tells Holland that the green was always in his blood, and that the accident that he thought turned him into Swamp Thing actually prevented him from reaching his full potential. Oh, and there's a great evil coming and prophecies of a green knight. Didn't blow me away like the first one, but it's still pretty engrossing for a really talky book where we haven't even seen the current Swamp Thing yet.

Animal Man #2 - Animal Man's daughter can bring dead animals back to life (making for the ugliest pets ever) and knows what the tattoos that have shown up on AM's body mean.Quirky, creepy book.

Batwing #2 - In spite of being another Batman derivative, this book has won me over with its beautiful art and a well-told story in a unique setting.

Justice League International #2 - The Hall of Justice burns, and while trying to secure the team, the JLI is attacked by a giant robot. It goes badly, and Booster is forced to call a retreat, causing some to doubt his leadership. This book may not have the humor of the classic JLI, but it's got the dynamic I liked of the dysfunctional team trying to come together.

Stormwatch #2
Enjoyable but not outstanding
Stormwatch #2 - Stormwatch is at war with the moon, as the recruiting drive continues and we get to know the team members a little better. Story's not really flowing for me at this point, but I am liking the characters.

Red Lanterns #2 - Still trying to find a direction for his team, Atrocitus contemplates what makes one rage more worthy than another. In the middle I started to feel like the writer needed a direction as badly as Atrocitus, but the point became clear in the end. I'm enjoying how this book is taking shape.

Detective Comics #2 - Joker's at large, and since he's literally left his face behind, he's particularly hard to locate. After last month's cliffhanger, having this book open with Bruce making business deals and hooking up with ladies was not holding my interest, and even once the batsuit was on, I felt like it was being dragged out. Nice reintro to a classic Batman villain at the end, though.

OMAC #2 - Last issue was fun, this issue was just there. Just not digging the protagonist when he's human, and he's a puppet when he's OMAC. Brother Eye is the star here.

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1 of 6
The Huntress #1 of 6 - I don't understand how Gotham's least interesting vigilante keeps getting featured roles.

Hawk and Dove #2 - I was on the fence last month. In the first few pages here, we're introduced to antagonists Condor, Osprey, and Swan. I started contemplating how they could eventually team up with Robin, Black Canary, Hawkman, and Raven. Or maybe have a long-running feud against the Penguin. Oh, wait, didn't they mention a Hawkman tie last issue? I can't do this...

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #1 of 6 - When Batman went serious in the early seventies, Penguin should have evolved as well. I think there's a potential for a good character, so I was hopeful with this book, but I ceased to care with the first "wah wah wah"


  1. I really need to catch up on my comics, so many good books out

  2. Yeah I haven't seen anything good in a long while.