Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A la carte a reality?

A few weeks back, I posted some thoughts on the state of cable television, wherein I stated that the only way a la carte could ever happen would be through an act of Congress. Because any single cable company who attempted this would be fighting a losing battle against the channel providers.

Then I read this tidbit comes in:

Cable operators want to go "a la carte"
U.S. cable operators are privately working on a plan to force programmers to unbundle their networks and allow customers to subscribe to channels on an individual basis.

Wow. The cable companies are working together to force this on the channel providers. I did not see this coming. And I am very impressed.

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  1. The FCC has been mulling mandating A la carte since 2004, I think this is just to move before it is mandated. If they can offer the service with no mandate, they can control the terms. The FCC moves slowly, but is dangerous when it does.