Monday, September 19, 2011

DC Comics: The New 52 - week 3

Back for week 3, which was nowhere near as impressive as week 2. Since I live for Green Lantern, I'll address the #1 separately. As for the rest of the week, there was one that stood head-and-shoulder above the rest:

Demon Knights #1

Like Swamp Thing last week, this was an unexpected surprise. Set just after the death of King Arthur, any comic book that has ever attempted anything medieval has always left me cold. And aside from showing up in the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League, I've never read a Demon story I liked. This seemed like a pairing made to make me claw my soul out a few pages in. But wow... I don't know how to do this story justice, but when the Demon and Madame Xanadu meet up with Vandal Savage and his giant axe, and decide to stop into the pub for a drink, magic happens.

Suicide Squad #1
Other really good books
Suicide Squad #1 - In spite of the character travesty committed against Amanda Waller, Suicide Squad has always been a great concept. This is also the perfect place to give Harley Quinn a spotlight. What's not to love?

Superboy #1 - It should be noted that Swamp Thing implied that the Death of Superman is still in continuity, but apparently Superboy is no longer part of that particular story, as we're introduced to test tube Superboy. We're also told that he's a mix of Superman and some human donor, but the lead scientist dies before he could tell who that was. "Oh, we already know it's Lex Luthor", but wouldn't it be an interesting swerve if they make it Bruce Wayne or something?

Resurrection Man #1 -For those unfamiliar, every time Resurrection Man dies he comes back with a new power. An interesting idea, but you really got to have great writing to make it work. I think I was sold when the title character fighting on an airplane said they need to take it outside, despite not having any flying power or mutant healing factor. It's not a sure bet at this point, but I'm going to put myself on the line and say that this one is gonna be great

Batman and Robin #1
Not bad, I may ride with these for awhile
Mr. Terrific #1 - I'm really, really disappointed that I couldn't rank this one higher. I thought this guy was, well... terrific in the JSA, and have always expected him to be a major player one day. Here is his shot, and he stumbles out of the gate. Just way too obnoxious, but I intend to stick because I don't want to miss when it finds its groove.

Batman and Robin #1 - Maybe I just liked Dick and Damian too much, but watching Bruce Wayne trying to be a dad just isn't clicking for me. I'll probably stick this one out just because it may be the only book that I'll regularly encounter Damian, who I really like.

Red Lanterns #1 - An interesting start, Atrocitus may be trying to find his moral center, which as the embodiment of rage would mean skirting the line between hero and villain. Stories about bad guys can be tricky, but this could work.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1 - I was initially turned off by this one, I think it had to do with the art. I read through a second time, and there's definitely a solid story there. I'm going to give this time to grow on me, but the wrong art may make it too much of a chore.

The Grifter #1 - If you're going to try to do a story about a bad guy, it needs to be a really good one. I don't know if Grifter is that story, but they've hooked me with curiosity about his whole abduction.

Deathstroke #1
I just don't care
Deathstroke #1 - Most of the books in this category I couldn't even finish. I had no problem finishing Deathstroke. But as I said before, If you're going to try to do a story about a bad guy... wow, it's really getting repetitive this week, isn't it? Unlike the other two I mentioned, I'm just not feeling any potential here.

Batwoman #1 - As often as the Batwoman and her sidekick take her clothes off, you'd think this would hold my attention a little better. I read it twice, because I'd heard good things, but I just am not warming up to the character.

Legion Lost #1 - I thought maybe this could finally be the Legion book I would get into. Why do I dislike the Legion so much?

Back soon for a quick bit on Green Lantern #1 and some thoughts on Hal Jordan as he stands now.

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